Communication taken for granted?

Data shows that 15% of daily time is wasted on confusing communication while almost 50% of us experience unclear task direction.

During everyday work, people share exorbitant amounts of information with the company and its representatives. The problem is that most of this information never passess smoothly between employees. To make knowledge worthwhile it is critical to create and maintain a consistent flow of information inside the company, the one that will ensure that everyone is on the same page and has access to the adequate information at the right time.

Excutives are not aware how much time flies away on misunderstood communication.

Customers expect communication with a company to be an unblemished experience, they want truly consistent interactions with an enterprise as a whole. Unfortunately according to Salesforce 59% of customers say it generally feels like they’re communicating with separate departments, not one enterprise. 66% of customers say that they often have to repeat or re-explain information to different company’s representatives. From the customer’s perspective it’s absurd, therefore it’s vital to provide firm’s clients with a consistent experience no matter who they talk to. It’s also crucial to mention that a situation in which a consumer needs to talk with more than one employee regarding the matter, often stands for the process of making a complaint. So members of the organisation are assisting fiery customers, trying to preserve their faith in the company’s capabilities while consistently asking them the same questions repeatedly.

The remedy to the issue mentioned above is managing data division across the company. From the perspective of the customer service – it would be excellent to provide every company’s representative with all the possible information. On the other hand, this kind of a rather extreme solution is not applicable in real life – using this approach would surely raise a lot of problems connected to security of data and expose a company to potential leak of sensitive information.

Customer service is just one of the contexts. Organizations waste plenty of time and money because their employees wait for necessary information. A plethora of potential is lost because people responsible for making certain decisions are not equipped with all the knowledge enterprise already had at hand. At Zermatt Data we know how to measure that amount, and usually our clients realise that there was more potential for improvement that they could imagine.

It’s crucial for companies functioning in present reality to project perfectly working data division systems and turn them into life to provide all the company’s employees with accurate information that’ll let them function at the top of their possibilities and to let them create the environment for the top-notch customer experience. At Zermatt Data our team of experienced experts is prepared to plan and execute wide-ranging activities to ensure that we deliver tailor-suited systems for our clients. If you feel like those problems resonate with you and your company, don’t hesitate and contact us.

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