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Technology changes every day. That’s why our researchers constantly make sure that our technology and frameworks are at the forefront of the digital revolution.

The digital business reality

The new digital business reality Today’s business environment is full of new technologies, which accelerate the way we work. In fact, there is a abundance of tech, which serve on all levels of organisations, regardless of the given market. Machine learning helps to automate processes previously ran by humans. Cloud services help us share files […]

Do companies really leverage the data?

Big Data, Machine Learning and Deep learning seem to be present day’s business world’s favorite buzzwords. All of them are part of something bigger. Worthy decisions ought to be data-driven and at Zermatt Data we make sure aformentioned fields are not only buzzwords but fully applicable optimal leverages for your data. It’s a game changer, […]

Communication taken for granted?

Data shows that 15% of daily time is wasted on confusing communication while almost 50% of us experience unclear task direction.

Business Automation

Most of the population’s everyday’s work consists of both exciting-driving and repetitive, dull, but necessary tasks that just have to be done and there is no work-around. These are just things that somebody’s ought to do and it’s how it always has been and how it always will be. Or is it? One of the […]

What is digital transformation?

Simply put, digital transformation (DT/DX) is the integration of the newest digital technology in all the areas of a company’s operations and creating a friendly environment for people to apply it . With all that your company is on the right track to be competitive. DX is the new gamechanger. The effects of digital transformation […]

Digital transformation: how to control the change

Constant change and disruption can take a serious toll on employee motivation, causing fatigue, distrust, and burnout during digital. Constant change and disruption can take a serious toll on employee motivation. Align your organization to the right priorities through goal setting As companies continue to adapt to the shifting priorities of our new normal, change […]