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What is Digital Culture?

Modern technology is present in all areas of our lives and the time it consumes expands incessantly. Company’s Digital Culture is its readiness to participate in this change in three main areas of every business. Firstly – its business strategy. It is necessary to consider modern technology’s impact while thinking about organisations long and short-term goals, and proper Digital Strategy is necessary to prevail in a competitive environment. Secondly, it’s crucial to see digital culture as internal processes. Company with sound Digital Culture encourages its employees to take advantage of latest inventions and to be creative. Last but not least – organisations should be responsive to customers’ needs and be agile enough to keep pace with their expectations. Digital Culture is about maintaining an organisational culture that is able to tailor itself to perpetually changing conditions. 

Why highly functioning Digital Culture is important?: 

  • It enables people to grasp of all the possibilities available on their development path
  • It attracts the greatest talents and enables people to achieve the best results
  • Organisations focusing on digital culture are 5x more likely to achieve breakthroughs

Workflow & Data Frameworks

Apply Digital Culture frameworks and approaches with us. We don’t only create high-end strategic frameworks tailored for your company but also help you apply it concepts such as:

  • Understand “what makes your employees tick” to ensure the their satisfaction and effectiveness when dealing with your technology
  • Creating the perfect environment to cooperate as the company is as good as it’s employees in every aspect
  • Enabling people to take risks, despite failures – learn over time
  • Encouraging people’s proactivity
  • Empowering your business to runs like clockwork
  • Applying frameworks for data processing, storing, and other best practices to save time for everyday activities

Digital network

Companies growing in the digital world face more and more challenges. People endeavour to catch up with all the new tools and solutions introduced to their day to day work. Expanding technological meanders give more opportunities as the human network grows but also make even routine tasks complex. 

Optimise employees’ daily cooperation activities in digital world to avoid:

  • Project delivery taking longer than anticipated which results in higher costs
  • Leaving employees feeling frustrated and confused about the changes
  • Causing a break between departments, which impacts corporate culture and morale.
  • Lacks of  appropriate change adoption by employees.
  • Lacks of project’s completion due to a variety of internal problems despite substantial investments made

Agile Digital Culture Workshops

We run individual workshops on Digital Culture, which cover topics such as:

  • Encouraging employees to look outward and engage with customers with a sense of purpose
  • Emphasising actions applied after careful planning, taking intro consideration diversity and individuality
  • Augmenting agile iterative approach

Conscious Communication

It’s high time to finally put a real emphasis on internal communication, instead of taking it for granted.

People are different. Internal and external factors like personality, education, or environment decide on the ways of communication.

Enhanced digital communication allows faster, undistorted workflows, increasing efficiencies enterprise – wide. Ideally, it can also help break down barriers by increasing employee access to leaders and other departments. It can help empower employees to share feedback, think bigger, and feel part of the greater company mission. Clear effects of well-designed communication include:

  • Saving hours of employees’ time wasted on misunderstood arguments and e-mails.
  • Creating flawless, motivating environment for your employees to deliver better performance

Case studies

How Digital Culture moved technological implementations to the next level

Digital Culture created and applied in the company improved employees performance by up to 20% and increased general satisfaction.

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