How automated reporting cut the reporting process time by 90%

How to automate repetitive taks and improve employees’ daily schedule to obtain additional time for high quallity work.

Business Case

Our client, the traditional medical services clinic, was using numerous unrelated databased with disperses data sources

The data flow was not established and it required manual loading also by non-technical people. Furthermore, there were no reporting nor visualisations to take advantage of valuable insights. Everyday tasks were taking much time and left space for human errors.

The client wanted to understand the reasons behind a drop in sales in some of the services, and cut the time employees took to build up reports and process daily data.


We have implemented an automatic master database, with a quick/easy option of running daily reports. We put emphasis on simplicity as various groups of specialists were involved and reports were also adjustable and scalable.

We have completely cut use of Excel, automating data load to prevent human errors. Changing it to cloud-based solutions, enabled remote access and greater security measures.

We have run a detailed analysis of past data, identifying driving factors for sales, as well as delivered pricing recommendations, which were accepted and implemented immediately.


The time to build a full report was cut by 90%

100% of the services sales data was connected to the master database so the data flow was established. 

Client’s medical data, which is highly sensitive, got new layers of security with most innovative measures.