How Digital Culture moved technological implementations to the next level

Digital Culture created and applied in the company improved employees performance by up to 20% and increased general satisfaction.

Business Case

Teams didn’t communicate on a daily basis. Lack of synergies caused teams to repeatedly work on the same solutions to the problems already known in other departments.

Area experts who could support multiple teams were lacking the opportunity to present their knowledge and experience to the teams with whom they weren’t directly engaged.

Company was missing integrated databases which could have been reached by members of different teams. Data was appearing simultaneously in different databases, which were inconsistent. No common knowledge base was used. Ultimately, teams were self-reliant and didn’t cooperate.


We created a framework of all the possible actions requiring human involvement, and connected it with the main tool and company’s organization system.

As a part of the framework we classified groups of specialists and teams to understand the relationships between them and possible differences based on various parameters. Identifying the diversity was crucial to enable smooth flow of information.

Workshops for teams and individuals were held to ensure a new framework is applied to its full potential and understandable for everyone.


The new tool along with the framework were adopted and utilized 3x faster than previous, similar projects. It saved 15% of the work-time within the departments using our solution. The company adopted the proposed culture and continued to develop the tool after the project.

Our system was immediately adopted by the employees of the targeted team, but also other teams, which didn’t initially participate in a project.

The employees general satisfaction of working in the new system was measured after the introduction and it turned out to exceed the expectation of  87% of voting team members. It enabled greater engagement and boosted the number of inter-team projects cooperation significantly.