Digital transformation: how to control the change


Constant change and disruption can take a serious toll on employee motivation, causing fatigue, distrust, and burnout during digital. Constant change and disruption can take a serious toll on employee motivation.

Align your organization to the right priorities through goal setting

As companies continue to adapt to the shifting priorities of our new normal, change fatigue is becoming a real threat to the mental well-being of employees.

Change fatigue is the sense of apathy that employees feel toward the changes implemented by their organization. This often occurs when digital transformation efforts are ill-prepared or poorly executed, leaving employees feeling unsupported or unsuccessful. This can lead to burnout, distrust of leadership, and lack of motivation.

Playing catch up with digital transformation? In this year of unprecedented change, change fatigue feels inevitable. Without the opportunity to anticipate and prepare for the challenges businesses face, many organizations are playing catch-up with their own transformations.

So how do you combat change fatigue as it’s happening, prioritize for enterprise agility, and attempt to make this time of transformation a little easier? Here are three strategies:

  1. Speak openly about the change. Change fatigue can contribute to distrust when leaders behave as though drastic change isn’t happening, leaving their employees to silently wonder what could be coming next. People need validation that their struggles are noticed and appreciated, and when change isn’t communicated openly, they may begin to doubt themselves and their ability to adapt.
  2. Align your organization to the right priorities through goal setting. Change fatigue can also occur when leaders fail to communicate the purpose of the transformation and the contribution needed from
  3. This is perhaps the most important thing you can do to combat change fatigue: Open the lines of communication and check-in with your team. Change fatigue affects one’s mental well-being and should be treated accordingly. Instead of wondering how your team members are dealing with the changes that affect them at work, ask them directly. Provide tools and outlets to help them to work through these changes mindfully to avoid burnout and resentment.
  4. Change fatigue may be inevitable in times of extreme business transformation, but you are not powerless. By being more transparent, open, and communicative with your employees, you can address change fatigue mindfully, and in a way that enables enterprise agility.

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