Business Automation

Digital Strategy

Most of the population’s everyday’s work consists of both exciting-driving and repetitive, dull, but necessary tasks that just have to be done and there is no work-around. These are just things that somebody’s ought to do and it’s how it always has been and how it always will be. Or is it?

One of the enormously important parts of the digitization process is automation. Currently, it is possible to automate virtually all repetitive tasks and processes which economizes time and money. Plenty of tasks described below can be maintained by computers in one way or another and at Zermatt Data we are working with world-class experts experienced in conceiving and constructing an optimal automated environment for our clients. 

According to Salesforce, 81% of IT companies will focus on the automation of more tasks in the next 12-18 months. As mentioned in another article, all the organizations willing to survive in the Internet-driven reality are bound to think of themselves at least partly as IT organizations, so it’s crucial to introduce solutions regarding the matter.

 Entrepreneurship is about using a variety of resources to take advantage of their full potential as a whole, and an automation is a fruitful tool when it comes to conjoining those working resources together in a proper, effective and efficient way. Important estimation comes from McKinsey – automation could improve productivity in the global economy by up to 1,4% annually. At Zermatt Data we help our clients to automate processes in areas like:

  • Management reporting
  • Tax accounting
  • Credit management
  • General accounting
  • Billing
  • Budget & forecasting
  • Financial reporting
  • Payroll
  • Accounts receivable and Payable
  • Data Analytics
  • Data reporting and visualisation

You can probably immediately think about plenty of tasks that employees in many companies are complaining about – things that are boringly repetitive, time-consuming, and usually require a massive amount of attention to accomplish. Even worse – most of these chores are sensitive to human errors. Both of these problems are facile to solve by implementing automation.

Automating repetitive processes permits people to undertake activities in which humans are the best – being innovative and creative. Even better – automation prevents most of the mistakes people are prone to make from time to time. Even the most meticulous human presses the wrong key occasionally or confuses 0 with O. Algorithms don’t make such mistakes – they are not capable of it, but on the other hand, they can’t create anything original without human’s input.

Our advice would be to implement automation and let the computers do what they’re created for and give humans more time to construct even superior things and ideas. If you have any questions regarding the matter – do not hesitate to contact world-class experts at Zermatt Data.